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In memoriam – Miro Bogdanović 1954.-2017.

In memoriam – Miro Bogdanović 1954.-2017.

Miro Bogdanović was the person everyone knew or heard of at least once in their lifetime. Whether it was regarding politics – unfair and devastating results of the corrupted system that left Miro marked and wounded for life, or his unbiased love and dedication towards improvement and popularization of Dalmatian cuisine. Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that Miro Bognanović was the founder and the father of Dalmatian, Mediterranean cuisine.

In his professional career in Split, Croatia, he ran and owned many restaurants, most of which iconic, through which he remained consistent to his beliefs of protection and branding Croatian, Dalmatian cuisine.

Through his culinary association “SKMER”, he spawned most of the top quality Dalmatian chefs, who still see him as a father, role model, and a person whose beliefs and work inspired, inspire, and will inspire forever.

In 2005. he founded and started the biggest international culinary competition in Croatia, named “The pearl of the sea”. In 12 years since inception, this competition hosted so many students, amateurs and professional chefs, changed and improved so many lives, and will keep doing that in the memory of our beloved Miro.

Miro spent most of his last years fighting diabetes and kidney failure, but regardless of the pain he suffered, he was always there for his chefs and his culinary goals, dreaming, working and networking until his last breath.

There are no words to express the gratitude that every chef and hospitality worker has towards Miro and what he did for the profession in Croatia, and for all the chefs, regardless of their gender.
Now we let you rest and finally find the peace without pain.
Thank you for everything you did for us, and thank you for all the doors you opened.
Rest in peace, dear Miro, we will share your knowledge, expertise, and your dream through all of us.

The funeral will take place in Split, Lovrinac cemetery, on 22.5.2017., 5pm

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