Networking platform for women in gastronomy


Welcome to WCL!

Women Chefs League is an association founded with a goal to develop networking platform for women in gastronomy and hospitality business.

Regardless of the stronger women’s culinary scene in the country, region and beyond, in WCL we believe that only by working together, believing in the same goals and the fight for gender equality, we can contribute to a better position of women in gastronomy and hospitality.

Our goal is to bring together people of the same interest, and to create a platform for women in this field – to allow them easier access to education, professional training, information, jobs and networking.

The Women Chefs League door is open to everyone (regardless of gender, religion, politics…) with  the same goals and desires as ours, and who can contribute their knowledge and work in order to  improve position of women in gastronomy, and Croatian cuisine in general.

With love,

President of Women Chefs League
Maja Mačković