Networking platform for women in gastronomy


You love food, cooking and eating?
You believe that having a platform to help women achieve more in their profession is a good thing?
You believe that gender equality and equal payment is something we should all stand for?
You would like to be a part of the crew whose goal is to protect, improve and popularize Croatian cuisine?
You have the passion, knowledge and will to help us do all of the above?
This is a right place for you.

We’re not yet another culinary association for only privileged members. Our doors are open to anyone, regardless of their gender, nationality, political, religious or other beliefs, as long as your goals and beliefs match ours.

No extensive applications, no payment, no bureaucracy, no waiting for your membership to be approved, just fill out our Membership form, send it to us, and you’re in.

For any question, inquiry or additional information, send us an e-mail.